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The website development for forwarding company

The company Star Trans Logistics offers wide range of services related to transportation, customs clearance and freight forwarding all over Ukraine. The company has been on the market since 2006. The main area of expertise — vehicles from the USA. The company also offers advantageous partnership terms for car dealers


Shortly after the rebranding of forwarding company, the client wanted to create a company image by developing the website. But after developing MVP we had to face a challenge - we needed to develop such a site that would be used as efficiently as possible for further SEO-promotion. We also needed to increase its conversity and keep the current beautiful design at the same time

Home page


It was necessary to increase the number of services and pages on the websites, as well as starting and having a blog about specificities about customs law for SEO promotion. Our team decided to create a project which would be based on Constructor CMS. We were able to create more than 50 unique building blocks, out of which we could gather dozens of personalized pages

Cars from USA

Shipping map

Electric cars

Service page


Our designers paid extra attention to graphic elements and images. Every one of them was carefully thought through and created in uniform style. The website has more than 40 graphic illustrations and icons. Some of them are fully animated

Page 404



We paid extra attention to the mobile version of the website. Firstly, it is so important in 2020 to demonstrate the beauty of the site on all types of devices. Secondly, since 2015 mobile first index became a priority for Google and is now the decisive factor for SEO promotion


As a result, genuine constructor of thematic landing pages was created. The website turned out to be colorful, stylish and fully corresponding with the brand of the forwarding company. Thanks to ongoing work of SEO specialist throughout the whole development process — we were 100% ready for SEO promotion, which we started straight after the project release


Overall, 56 custom elements were created. 180 working hours were spent on the project development. The following team was working on the project: Project manager, UI/UX Designer, Full Stack Web Developer PHP, QA Engineer, SEO Specialist, SEO Copywriter

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