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First wholesale marketplace in Ukraine!


Development of wholesale marketplace

Fartum is the first wholesale marketplace in Ukraine. It is a nationwide start-up, which was created as a result of the cooperation of our team and Odessa entrepreneurs. We wanted to create a source that would let every entrepreneur purchase necessary goods at the best possible price


The main idea of the platform is to unite large wholesale suppliers, including foreign ones, with online retailers throughout Ukraine. Such a source will let retailers make bulk purchases in a few minutes from the best suppliers, and let suppliers get new customers and increase sales

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“As you name the boat, so shall it float”. That is why the first thing we did was coming up with a bright and memorable name. The name “FARTUM” means “luck” in Russian. We wanted to convey that by making a purchase via this website, users are making a wise choice

Logo development was the second strategic step. We immediately devided that the logo should be universal, easily adaptable to different formats, placements and look equally great on both light and dark backgrounds. And at the same time, it needed to be stylish and modern. We presented several well-developed logo options to our client, and together chose the best one




It is very important to carefully plan and think through every detail of the entire logic of the site before beginning its implementation. One tiny detail that is overlooked can cost several months of the development team`s work. That is why to avoid such mistakes the technical requirements and prototypes need to be so detailed. Throughout several weeks our team along with the client, his development team, and operations managers were thinking through the entire website logic, taking into account business processes and its specificities.


The target audience of the platform is small and medium-sized businesses, owners of retail outlets. It is very important for this audience to find the needed product at a good price as quickly and easily as possible. That is why we paid extra attention to UX design, carefully thought through the user journey map in detail — by providing the user with several ways to place an order, encouraging users to buy a product at each stage of the decision-making process


We made the product card as informative as possible. We showed how many options and bonuses the platform can offer: general for every user, and personal for a specific user which depends on his status and user history.

In addition to the classic way of placing an order through the "Buy" button, we implemented a quick order process and the possibility to contact the seller via Viber. For this specific business, the price of purchasing products is very important, that is why we made it possible to track the drop in prices through email notifications. Users also have the opportunity to offer the seller their price for the product in case they find a cheaper price from a competitor. This functionality makes it possible to “bargain” online


The functionality of a personal account can be compared to the functionality of a separate website. The personal account contains the user's personal data and discounts, order history, product comparison, desired products, the possibility to track the drop in prices, and finally the possibility to contact support service


According to Google Analytics data for the wholesale market, 70% of traffic is coming from mobile devices. Which is quite reasonable, given that retailers are always on the move and all operational issues are resolved via phone


We singled out the breadth of platform integrations with third-party and internal services into a separate block. The site is integrated with “Novaya Poshta” so that invoices can be automatically filled in, Turbo-SMS service for authorization in the personal account, SendPulse for email campaigns, an accounting system for managing finances, and much more.
We would like to point out that there are two main groups of users on the site: suppliers and buyers. That is why a separate supplier account was implemented, which lets suppliers independently manage their own goods and orders. At the same time data is transferred to the site using API


We worked on this project for more than half a year and our first result was the launch of an MVP (minimum viable product). The customer's team started filling the resource and launching advertising campaigns in key sections. The further goal is to scale the project's functionality, develop a supplier's office and SEO optimization of commodity items


To launch the MVP we needed: 1160 hours of teamwork. Of these, the designer's work - 120 hours; Frontend Developer - 140 hours; Backend PHP Developers team - 630 hours; Project Manager - 150 hours; QA Engineer - 90 hours; SEO Specialist - 30 hours; Development was done using Agile Scrum methodology